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Popmach.com is a heavy machinery marketplace where we connect buyers and sellers through our web and mobile platform. Backed by industry experience and reliable suppliers, we are able to provide you options that suits your project needs and rental budget. If you are looking to buy or sell machinery, visit us at popmach.com.

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Fill in the form above by inputing your location, booking dates, category and contact information. We currently only have 3 categories (Excavators, Backhoe, Mobile & Lorry cranes). Submit the form to us.
We will respond within 1 hour with at least 2 supplier with your requirement for you to compare.
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Have a machine that you want to rent?

Are you looking to rent out your machinery? Look no further as we are currently gathering all the suppliers who provide rental service for our clients. If you have an excavator, backhoe, mobile crane, lorry crane or any other machinery you would like to rent out, please contact us below.
Why choose Popmach
Popmach - The Machinery Marketplace is now offering rental sourcing services for our client looking for heavy equipment supplier with affordable rental rates for their projects for short or long term. We have gathered reliable suppliers who offer great services and budget friendly rental rates for machinery such as excavators, backhoe, mobile crane and lorry crane. Currently we are offering this service to more than 50 locations across Malaysia. if you are a contractor looking to rent excavator, backhoe, mobile crane or lorry crane, please submit the form above and we will contact you within 1 hour to help you source the best possible supplier and rental rates regardless of the size of your project.